Artist. Entrepreneur. Business developer. Speaker. Moderator. Coach. Writer of the upcoming book The Passion Driven Economy – A First Draft. Advisor within the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries and the Sustainability area. Woman. Mom. Swede.

The PDE is not something I have invented, I have simply discovered and named it."

Who needs a title?

Being asked to define ”what my thing is” tells me something about the person asking. Choosing is not fundamentally bad per se, it can be beneficial. But the idea of one focus as The Way to Success is a Market Driven concept, not a Passion Driven one. Being a cross-border entrepreneur is not a personal flaw, it’s a structural consequence that comes with both challenges and great benefits. The more one understands about the Passion Driven Economy, the more it becomes apparent that many conventional “how to” concepts are not laws of nature, but rather results of the present Market Driven paradigm. And they will change when we choose to be a part of another paradigm: the Passion Driven one.

The passion I feel for art, culture, free speech, free will, our Swedish forests and sustainability in general – and towards supporting the development of other Passion Driven people and organizations – this passion does not care about business areas and fields of expertise. I can write a poem, paint a painting, sing a song, design a village, create a business idea for sustainable forestry and a sales strategy for a theatre. Specialisation is for insects. 

Having a wide range of abilities isn’t rare in the Passion Driven context. What is rare is having the opportunity to tell the story about it. Often Passion Driven people omit their diverse creativity when describing themselves. They don’t want to complicate the picture by making themselves difficult to categorise. And this is only one example of how many of us adjust ourselves to a Market Driven paradigm, even if we would prefer something else.


Selected projects, companies and art pieces that Linda K Nordfors has created or co-created over the years. Though they may appear quite varied, they all have one thing in common: a Passion Driven approach.

REFLECTION COMPANY: First art agency in Sweden


APPLE STOOL: Usable art about sharing knowledge

Apple Stool The not knowing is the knowingA chair formed as an apple, eaten and not eaten, depending on the angle from which you look at it. It tells the story that being […]

MEMO – KALEIDOSCOPICA: Usable art about our memory

Memo - Kaleidoscopia The history is changing under our feetA floor object about the history of programming. Every day, always, we’re standing on history as a fundament. […]

EXPOSING THE FEMININE: Wearable art about power


I AM ANOTHER YOU: Wearable art about human connection

I Am Another You Wearable sculptures about our human differences and likenessesIn a world where The Stranger has became the enemy, the art piece ”I Am Another You” whispers […]

PINE HILL ECOVILLAGE: Visions for beautiful and sustainable homes


PUNKS: Passion driven development in Sweden

[Our vision is aPassion Driven World.)[punks.se) Punks NGO for Passion Driven development in SwedenInitiated […]

THE GREEN SQUARE METHOD: Tool for passion driven business development

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