Pine Hill Ecovillage

An ecologically and socially sustainable residential area concept

Since 2016, Linda K Nordfors has been the creative director and project manager of Ekobyn Tallberget (Pine Hill Ecovillage), an ecologically and socially sustainable residential area concept.

The vision for Pine Hill Ecovillage is a natural place for living and thriving. With spaces for play, rest, creation and communal farming, the project wants to combine the independence of the privately owned home with the shared commitment and cohesion of a village.

We believe that a sustainable future is created by consuming less and contributing more – and by offering people the possibility to develop an intimate relationship to the nature around them in their everyday lives. A relationship characterized by harmony, understanding and co-existence. A lot of time, energy and love has been invested into ensuring that the buildings and surrounding area will be as beautiful as they are functional and ecologically sound.


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