I Am Another You

Wearable sculptures about our human differences and likenesses

In a world where The Stranger has became the enemy, the art piece ”I Am Another You” whispers in your ear:

”Whoever you see
when you meet me,
whoever you meet
when you see me,
you will see and meet yourself.
I feel you in who I am
I am another you…”

The material used in ”I Am Another You” is paper. Inspiration is taken from folklore clothing and jewelry crafts from those places on earth where population growth is most intense: East Asia, Africa and India.

Linda was also inspired by Sami clothing and explains how it is possible to take a girdle from an African costume and put it straight into a Scandinavian context, and it feels at home. They have something in common.

Folkloristic shapes and forms, made by generations of hands, show us that the human expression is so differentiated in its expressions all over the globe, and yet so alike.

Our differences and likenesses do not make for poetically pleasing images only, they are also keys to healing the alarming global sufferings of both mankind and earth.

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